Natural Healthcare Options: Taking Charge of Your Health

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No doubt about it, healthcare options can be confusing, expensive and downright hard to manage. The one thing that everyone has within their power to control is what they do in their daily life to maintain and optimize their own health and the health of their loved ones.
There’s no telling what twists and turns will take place with the healthcare reform bill in place, but there is security in knowing what preventative measures all can take to, hopefully, thwart catastrophic health issues.

Eat A Rainbow Diet

It’s no secret that what we eat is high on the list of natural healthcare options. Consuming produce in rich vivid hues of the color spectrum every day add essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and vital antioxidants to the daily diet.

Dietary Supplements for Improved Well-being

Supplementing the diet with herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural choices may be appropriate. Because many farmlands are no longer rich in the essential nutrients of yesteryear, it makes sense that crops may be deficient as well.
For instance, supplementing with psyllium seed husks may have value in adding needed fiber to the diet while offering benefits of reducing cholesterol and maintaining bowel health. Magnesium is a mineral crucial to all systems of the body and studies show that deficiency may be imminent in the majority of people. Other supplements may be of benefit depending on lifestyle and dietary choices.

Water: So Simple, So Necessary

Water: we can’t live without it so it needs no justification in regard to importance as it, too, supports all bodily systems. With consumption of coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks and energy drinks, it may be that plain water takes a back seat. The symptoms of dehydration span a tremendous range from simple dry lips to organ malfunction and the remedy is so simple and easy to access. Drink up.

Stress Relieving Measures to Support Health

Life is busy. Jobs, homes, families and other obligations contribute to stress overload and it may be prudent to set aside time each day to relax and rejuvenate. A five-minute break every few hours is all that’s needed to lower stress levels and recharge one’s batteries. For those who can take a bit more time, a massage, walk in the woods or by the shoreline, deep breathing or other soothing activity can make the difference between stress relief and stressed out.

Exercise: Move It or Lose it

It’s a fact. If you don’t move your body, you will lose the ability to use it at full capacity. Exercising doesn’t have to be a five-mile run on the treadmill. A 10-minute walk, 10 minutes of house cleaning, and 10 minutes of gardening all represent exercise. Stretching, strengthening and conditioning the body are an integral part of natural health care options for everyone.

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